Godly advice from a father to his children


Dear Children,

How can I begin to prepare you for the dangers that you will face in this sinful world? It frightens me to think of the suffering and heartache you will likely bear during your lifetime.

This is the result of sin in the world — the result of Adam’s fall — and not the fault of God. God created all things beautiful and without sin, but man changed all that by his disobedience and rebellion against God. Now, instead of loving God and desiring to please Him and do His holy will, people love themselves and seek to gratify their own sinful and selfish ambitions.

The most important advice I can give you is to follow Christ and continue in His Word. Nothing in this life compares to the riches and the joy which come from knowing Jesus Christ, His forgiveness, and the hope of everlasting life with Him in heaven! He shed His holy and precious blood to redeem you from all sin and give you the eternal joys of heaven. Do not forsake Him! Trust in Him! He is the giver of life, and in His Word, you will find strength and guidance to live your life for Him.

Secondly, I offer advice on dating and marriage. I know that you have a desire and need to be loved, but learn what true love is. True love does not take advantage of others and seek to gratify itself. True love considers first what is in the best interest of others.

Daughters, if a man loves you, he will respect you and not seek to abuse you for the gratification of his own sexual desire. He will be willing to wait for a sexual relationship until you have committed yourselves to each other in marriage.

Sons, remember that the girl you date is a creature of God who has been redeemed by Christ. God did not create woman for you to use, but to love and cherish. Treat every woman you date with the honor and respect that you would want shown to your mother, your sister, or your future wife.

Though much could be said about dating and marriage, the most important advice I can give regarding dating and choosing a life’s mate is to date and marry a devoted Christian. Only then will you know the true joy and companionship God intended for marriage. Then you will be able to serve our God together and bring up your children to know and serve Him too. If you ignore this advice and marry one who is not a believer and follower of Christ, you may expect great difficulty and sorrow in life!

I know well the temptations placed before you by the devil, the world, and your sinful human nature. Do not give in to them, but follow Christ! Stay away from alcohol, drugs, pornography, wild parties, sinful music, evil friends, etc. These will only lead to your ruin.

Instead, follow Christ, read His Word, pray, and join together with fellow believers in church services and Bible study. Remember who you are: a child of God, created and redeemed by Him!

Finally, dear children, know this. Your earthly father is here for you now to help and guide you. He loves you and will be praying for you as long as he lives. Your Heavenly Father will be there for you always. He will uphold you and keep you forever!

Love, Dad

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